2019 was another breakthrough year in the interior design world with trends like minimalism, simple shapes, and stand out visuals taking over. Although the trends of this year were legendary in their own stature, 2020 is already bringing its own shifts within the industry before the year has even begun. If you want to keep your home and offerings fresh, updated, and appealing, you should be aware of what will be trending. Offered below are three of the most distinct design breakthroughs to come in the new year.

Natural Light

Utilizing natural light in your home can create stunning shadows and a bright, inviting appeal that a space with no natural light tends to lack. To really accentuate the natural light within a space, focus on watching how the light falls around the room. This can help you determine the best ways to divide up the area for various activities, including watching TV, relaxing, and socializing with friends.

Creating a Sociable Space

Spending the time on your home that it takes to achieve a comfortable and inviting space will make for better social gatherings. A simple way to achieve this is to incorporate more sitting space, candles, textures, and personalized elements that make the space feel lived in. In a larger room, consider zoning. Place sofas close together so that they’re clearly designated for gathering around. In a small room, remember the importance of measuring and look for a more compact design.

Make Accent Pieces the Focus

Unique decor, colors, or accent furniture should be at the forefront of the room and grab guests’ attention. Accents like dark wood grain, purposeful wall trims, and stand out decor pieces like art or wall hangings will bring a defined edge to your interior next year. But, choose with purpose and make sure each piece looks like it distinctly belongs there to avoid clutter and overwhelm within the space.

Updating your space for the new year does not have to be an intimidating task. Trends can be a great source of inspiration, but don’t feel pressured to incorporate all of them in their entirety. Utilizing a few simple tools such as natural lighting, comfortability for guests, and purposeful placement of strong accent pieces may be all your home needs to stand out in the upcoming year.

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