Curb appeal is vitally important to a quick sale of your house. Make sure you make a good first impression on your potential buyers and enhance your curb appeal with a few of our inexpensive tips to avoid a stale selling process!

Repaint Your Door With a Bold Color
Typically, painting the majority of your house’s exterior a neutral color increases its value. However, there’s nothing wrong with going bold when it comes to your front door. Go for a crimson red, cobalt blue, canary yellow, or whichever bold, stand-out color that fits your home’s aesthetic as long as you keep it to just the front door.

Plant Some Color
Brighten up the rest of your front porch by planting colorful spring flowers. Window boxes and garden beds can do wonders to your home’s curb appeal. Place a few inches of dark mulch to really help the colors pop. Along with the flowers, consider adding an inviting wreath to the front door or plant a small tree next to the flower beds.

Stage Your Porch
Before a potential buyer sees the entryway to your home they’ll first be met by your front porch. The porch is the perfect place to make a good first impression and help the buyer picture themselves living at your property. Whether it’s a porch swing or comfortable chairs and a small table, don’t be afraid to utilize the space in front of your house and make the outdoors feel as comforting as the interior.

There are many ways to enhance your home’s curb appeal on a budget, and these three areas are a great place to start. Make your home stand-out and sell quickly by making the best first impression possible!