In springtime we always blooming flowers and life coming back to trees, along with more life in the blooming Denver real estate market. Warmer weather usually brings out the more active side in people and that means buyers and sellers alike will be evaluating the real estate needs. If you’re looking to be a step ahead of the curve when selling your home this spring, stick to these important staging tips!

Trade your Dark & Cozy Winter Style for Bright & Colorful

The color of a room can completely change the transform its dynamic. Cozy vibes are always a great go-to during the winter months and with that usually comes darker colors. Springtime should be completely different. Swap out the big snug winter blankets and pillows for bright-colored or flower patterned throw-pillows and decor. Add a new candle to your coffee table for an additional spring aroma in your living space. As time-consuming as it may seem, repainting a room can become necessary too. Remember, the better staged your home looks now, the sooner it will sell!

Buy Spring Flowers and Candles

Speaking of aroma, one of the top signs of spring has arrived are the sights and smells of blooming flowers. Before your house hits the market and potential buyers come around, place a nice vase of flowers and flowery candles in your kitchen, bathroom or living area. Don’t forget the curb appeal and decorate the front door and yard too. Wreaths aren’t only for Christmastime – hang a flower wreath on your front door and wow the buyers before they even walk inside.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

In Colorado we’re lucky to have our 300 days of sunshine a year, and the longer days starting in spring are an extra bonus. Keep the drapes and curtains open during the day and raise the blinds to drench your rooms in sun. As mentioned before, spring is all about light and bright colors while putting the gloomy winter in the rearview mirror.

Keep these staging tips in mind when you’re planning to hit the market and give me a ring when you’re ready to start your home-selling journey.