The Denver real estate market is hot and sellers are working fast to have their homes listed and sold quickly. The summer season brings in an influx of inventory and while the competition can certainly benefit sellers, there are several ways to take advantage of the market as a buyer.

More Homes to Choose From
Home inventory usually peaks during the summer months and this year is no different according to the latest DMAR Market Stats. Many say this is a disadvantage for buyers as it allows for more competitive and often higher prices. This is not necessarily the case as the high number of homes for sale gives you a broader variety of homes to view and the ability to walk away from a negotiation knowing there are several more homes to choose from.

Moving is Easier in the Summer
Making the move to your new home is much easier with nicer weather for obvious reasons. You never know when a snowstorm could hit our great state even in the spring or fall. Moving in the summer months also means the kids will be home from school and will have plenty of time to help with the move!

Sellers Are Motivated to Sell
Due to the vast amount of competition for sellers, they will be more than motivated to sell their home quickly. Even without the higher inventory, a seller is usually interested in selling their home as fast as possible. This gives you the opportunity to take control of the negotiations with the help of your Realtor!

Don’t let the myths of summer being a sellers’ market hold you back from finding your dream home this summer. Contact me today and get started on your search!